Beauty Is In Your Innerself

Calling ugly to whom? You, yourself is ugly, do you know that? Okay fine, you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen and the ugliest heart I have ever felt around me. You know why your heart is that ugly? Because you call ugly to those who has an awesome heart which you cannot see,obviously, because of your ugliest mind and heart. Your beauty will come to end one day. There will be no charm remain on your face, a day comes soon.You will neither be fit nor be beautiful anymore but what about your inner beauty? If your heart is beautiful, no one can defeat you in the race of life as well in the end of your so-called beauty face.

Literally you cannot defeat her if you don’t have a beautiful heart but a beautiful face. Haha, you need a makeup to look beautiful, she needs a smile to look beautiful not for the society for her own self. She smiles to make her inner self more beautiful. She is beautiful because her heart is in peace. Do you have a heart? Is it in peace? No? So you aren’t beautiful anymore for her, for society, for your loved one.

Dear Readers! If you want to look good in front of anyone you have to live happily, Did I say to pretend happily? I said Be happy, instead of jealousy and competition, comparing oneself to another.

The world is in a race and you need a break, a break of peace and happiness. And you will see the consequences in the shape of your inner beauty. Stop impressing people please, live one day for yourself. Skip your makeup for a day and attend any occasion without make-up. Don’t forget, everyone cannot see your fake smile, fake kindness, and fake beauty but people can see your glowing and charming face, a face of peace and happiness.



When you are gonna define trespass always remember these ingredients;

  • Consent is the most important feature in trespass, if I have consented I have a right to touch your things, property, and body.
  • In trespass there is no need to prove that the damage has been caused to you (claimant), you just have to prove that the tort has been committed by tortfeasor (a person who commits a tort ) and that is known as Actionable per se.
  • Your act should be direct and physical.
  • Trespass covers freedom of movement, goods and property which means infringement (breach/violation) of your rights.
  • It can further define as locking someone with unlawful reasons, hug them without their consent, punching them.
  • Unwanted physical contact and infringement of rights that is freedom of movement and bodily integrity can constitute for the trespass to the person.

Example: If the defendant throws a bat/stone/brick and it hits you, you can sue him on the basis of trespass to the person.

There are three types of trespass:

  1. Trespass to the property;
  2. Trespass to the goods (things);
  3. Trespass to the person.


1. Trespass to the person

There are three types of trespass to the person

  1. False imprisonment
  2. Battery
  3. Assault


  1. You are doing something and it gives someone else a reason to think that you are about to attack to use physical violence against them.
  2. Your words and gestures are enough to fall in this category.

Example 1: I’m calling you and my calls are silence, obviously I’m giving you a reasonable cause to think about me that I’m about to appear at your door and can use physical violence against you. You are expecting that I’m about to attack so in this case your ‘Reasonable Expectations’ are enough.

Example 2: If you are in the custody of police and defendant passing you a threat that If police will not around you-I will punch you, you are expecting a physical violence by him to you but your claim will fail in the court because you were not in immediate danger zone neither could expect an immediate physical violence can use against you by him.


  • Battery could be defined as the ‘intentional‘,’direct‘application of ‘force
  • Further, you can say your intentions and physical force should be there and it must be direct.
  • You have acted.
  •  For claimant there is no need to prove the damage has been caused, what you need to prove is tort has been committed.



  • Holding someone without their consent so from that couldn’t able to move can constitute for this category
  • Here you act was direct and physical.

Example 1: You are going to the office and I have stopped your way by holding your hand with a force and bad intention to not permit you for the office.

Here defendant act is physical, direct and intentionally.

Example 2: I have thrown a stone at you when you are just standing in front of me.

here my act is direct and intentionally.


  • I, myself have a right to be let alone by others,
  • Unwanted hug and physical contact without their consent.


You have a pencil and I’m trying to snatch it from your hand with an offensive manner.


  • to claim for this element defendant should be intended to harm you (claimant)


Claimant kid was playing behind the parking place where the defendant’s car was parked. Defendant didn’t see that the kid was playing behind the car, he unintentionally bumped his car to kid and claimant child got injured. Here you cannot go on the basis of Battery, the defendant was negligent.


  • false imprisonment means to prevent someone’s right of movement with unlawful reason,
  • Whether you are locking them in a building or anywhere for a short period.


There were two doors to go outside from one place, somebody stopped you to do not go from first door and allowed you to go from another door. But you didn’t want to go from there, stayed there by your own wish so you cannot claim for false imprisonment because the second route or door was saved for you.

But you can go to court if there was only one route for you and they have detained you for an unlawful reason.

Note: I’m not a lawyer neither a teacher, being a student of law I have tried my level best to convey my message to you. Your contribution would be appreciated whether positive or negative. Thank you!



Kill Them With Kindness

“Kill them with kindness” is a phrase which means kill your enemies with kindness. And I know how you are kind towards your enemies, who are you fooling? Yourself ? Or people ? You are pretending to be a very nice person to them but from your mind- you hate them and of course, there is an anger, hatred, bitterness in your head.

I know, you smile in front of people you don’t like. For instance somebody in past said something wrong about you, which you didn’t expect from them but still you talk to them with a cute smile even though there is a loathing that keep knocking your mind to take your revenge the same way they did.

We can take two more examples regarding your fake kindness and one of them is; when you see a beggar around, Yes! You give them money but not because you are kind but because you want to show yourself bigger and better, there is certainly no kind-heartedness in your mind, Is there ? Again NOT.

Second example is, when you order a waiter and he brings the wrong order for you, at that time you behave like a kind person but you are not which means you are controlling your vexation(anger) towards him and if he gives you a chance to rusticate him on the behalf of restaurant owner, you will do it right on the spot in return.

You are not a kind person but yes! You pretend to be bigger and better. When you will start behaving polite to your enemies, you will see a different perspective and another side of their lives. Think for a while, why they are rude to you ? Maybe they have been violated and broken by many people which means the society and their friends of course. I must suggest you to love your opponent. Reply them back with a cute smile but that smile must come from your heart not from your egoistic mind. Don’t misconceive the meaning of this phrase everywhere if you don’t know what it means exactly.

Love your enemies,

Reply them with a smile,

Change the world.

Man Is The Master Of His Fate And The Captain Of His Destiny

A man is the master of his fate and the captain of his destiny, the proverb has rightly said by Nelson Mandela. It is so true that man is the creature of his destiny. He is talented and can achieve anything if he does hard work. You cannot wait for a miracle to happen. You have to struggle to get success. Destiny will not decide your future but your hard work and sincerity in the present can change everything whether it is your future or it was your past. Your struggle in the present can defeat your past maybe your past was the worst one.

Sometimes, you don’t want to take a risk for new challenges because you love your comfort zone, old-places, jobs, habits, attitude even food. Your one single risk leads you to change your destiny. If you cannot change your fate then change your behavior, attitude and most important habits. We do mistakes and put the blame to our destiny. It wasn’t the fault in your stars , the fault was in you, in your hardships, you should not blame destiny for your mistakes and laziness.

However, the moment you puzzled while taking decisions it leads you towards your destruction. To avoid that destruction you should set some goals and stick to them. Nobody can defeat you if you have a good strategy to do your task. Your habits and attitude play a vital role in your life. It is rightly said by someone:

 “If you cannot change your destiny then, change your attitude “

You have the courage to change your life but you don’t want to because failures are coming your way to stop you that is obviously your past. Why don’t you take your failure in an optimistic way and move ahead instead of making your mind pessimistic (a kind of deep negative thinking from years) When you fall, your point of view to see the things and people will change, maybe you start to struggle or stop there. Destiny decides to enter people in your life but its your own choice to choose who stays in your life. Destiny decides to push you towards failures but its your choice to move ahead or stuck in your failure, Yes! its all about your choice.

People die in hospitals, on roads not because of destiny because of their laziness and poverty. We don’t take care of our loved one and wait for miracles to happen, Strange. We are so lazy and confused to take the major important steps of our lives.We should take it serious instead of saying, Oh! he died it was written in his destiny, he failed, it was his destiny, it was not his destiny, it was the result of his previous efforts.

Dear Readers! You are designed for a purpose. You are talented and creative. God has sent you in this world with so many outstanding qualities. It is a time to polish your those qualities. Polish your inner self for God sake. Be bold and courageous when you are taking steps of your life. Don’t be nervous from your past or from your future consequences. No one can dream for yourself, no one can turn your dreams into reality, no one will help you, no one will stand for you, no one encourages you on your failure, no one appreciates you on your success, but yes you can turn your dreams into reality. You can shape your future and present according to your will but you can only do that from your hard work and passion. Its you and yourself only.



The Reason Is You

She hurted, the reason is you,

She failed, the reason is you,

   She broken, the reason is you,

You cannot feel her pain,

Time cannot heal her pain.

She insulted by  people, the reason is you,

She did everything against her rules, the reason is you,

She smiled, the reason is you,

she cried, the reason is you,

She doesn’t trust on people anymore, the reason is you,

You cannot feel her pain,

Time cannot heal her pain.

She is living without feelings,

Her innocence has gone now,

She cannot come back from her past, the reason is you,

She just want to say you, Don’t come back,

She hates you and your fake love, the reason is you,

And only YOU.

And She Moved On

A girl of 18 year old fell in love, Oh! I mean it was an attraction obviously being a teenager, but for her it was a love. She had never looked at any boy in her school, college, on social sites, in real life. The reason is maybe she was finding her so called Prince like in movies -a princess always needs a prince to save her, to love her. She forgot one thing that is she was innocent and didn’t know that there was no love, there was no care, there was no promise, there was only infatuation, there was lust and only lust and she didn’t know that. Great! I’m thinking to clap for her-for her foolishness anyway. I feel sorry for you GIRL once in a blue moon, you were pretty innocent.

Then, they became good friends through texting and calling etc. He never demanded for anything to her and she never expected too. Finally a day came when he proposed to her but she denied and said to him:

My studies are going on, I cannot afford any kind of relationship for now plus I’m still  teenager so my parents will not allow me for this relationship. Please wait for the right time !

He left, and after few months of her exams she came back and proposed to him, He replied:

Sorry you are too late and i’m engaged.

The moment she heard that statement, she was stunned and in a minute left the place without a reply.She messaged to him: why u did this to me ? I promised you, I will back and u said you will wait for me then why u didn’t wait for me ? WHY ? He didn’t reply, she cried a lot for the whole day and night. No body could see her inner pain which she faced because of infatuation to him and called LOVE, ha ha! She fell in depression and started chat and calls through number, social sites etc again. According to you Readers she was so despo, right ? Yes! she was. There was no one to ask from her how’s you feeling now ? There was no one from her family and friends to hug her and says: Everything will be fine relax. 

She involved completely in those activities and didn’t realize her final exams are about to come. She didn’t care so obviously she was blank in her exams and when the result came she failed. She was one of the talented, position holder girl. No one could beaten ( subdue ) her in her class because no body had guts to defeat her.

Her family and friends was blaming to her for not achieving position. There was no one to ask from her calmly why you failed ? Is there any problem ? Being a human we cannot read people mind and heart but yes we can read their faces. Again we ain’t that talented and caring to feel for people and read their faces and ofcourse we don’t have time for bullshits, right ? No body knew that she unrecovered her memory to memorize ( retain ) her lectures of class, to memorize people in her life she met and talked once.

She failed again after an year and faced same comments, reactions from so closed people. However, 3 years passed and she gave her supplementary exams. Later, result came again and she passed. Everyone from her family was happy but not that much when she used to got first position always and she felt that.

She moved on, I know it wasn’t that easy but I can feel it, it wasn’t that difficult too. She started her life again. She struggled a lot and became one of the best daughter, student, friend and the most important-she became the best human being.

She is struggling more and doing hard work to achieve her goals and her reputation in her family and friends, but she doesn’t care and feel for anyone anymore.


We should do care our close one instead of involving in weird activities. We should keep an eye on our friends and family and don’t be lazy to ask from them what is going on in their lives. For a while they feel irritation because of your questions and frankness towards them. Remember what you have to do is ASK and HUG them.


Life ..Stuck in thoughts, so many of confusions are here and there about this word. And I really don’t know how to explain it. So many of questions coming in my mind, should I say life is too beautiful? Should I say such a messy life creates always problems for us ? Should I say life is a good teacher for us and a bad student too, a good friend and a bad friend we can consider anything to complete the definition of life. It is said that,

                                 Life is the dream for the wise,  A game for the fool,

                                 A comedy for the rich,  A tragedy for the poor.

As I say always different meanings, different people, and different perceptions are there. For me life is pretty weird, maybe the reason is my comfort zone, maybe the boundaries , maybe people behavior and judgements ( acumen ) and so on.

You and me , earth and sky, soil and water, flowers and roots, birds and animals. Everyone has a life and obviously a lifestyle. We couldn’t find their way of living, the only one who knows their way of living that is God, He gives us a life as a gift according to people, but , according to you; your life is based upon problems, critical situations, awkward moments, comfort zone, restrictions, boundaries, laziness, waiting for others to motivate you, poverty stricken ( poor), sympathy, attentions from those who are better than you, in living standard, in talking style, in every competition. Yes ! That’s your life. How pessimist you are, do you know ? I guess you know well.

I know you suffered a lot in your this life and became a pessimist. I must say if there is a tough time for you so there is another easy time waiting for you, to hug you as like as tough time hugged you.

Life is too beautiful. We don’t want to know the charm of our struggle, the benefit of our struggle, the result, the happiness of our struggle. Life is a beautiful gift maybe you and I don’t know how to live it. Maybe we just know life is all about competitions, fame, power, money and much more. We all are living in an illusion. Life is much more far from these concepts, the concepts which we don’t know or should I say don’t want to know ? haha

Take all the struggles as a challenge and accept it the way it is.There is no short cut in life so be careful when you are gonna take such steps which can lead you anywhere in a wrong way. Be careful, Be bold –  to handle all your problems in a positive way. You know people you can be honest with others if you are honest with yourself first and ready to face every challenge coming up for you. Enjoy the life, the happiness and small worries coming in your way.

Perhaps my words ain’t enough to describe LIFE …YOUR LIFE.

So are you ready to face the challenges and beautiful life ? Say always YES !

Believe In Yourself

People believe in what you believe not in what you do.So many of us believe that God exist , He exist in your heart , He exist because you believe and people start believing in you and say He exist.

Believe in people they will hurt you,

 Believe in God and he will heal you”

-If i talk about business,

You don’t have need to work with those who needs what you have – your goal is to work with those who believe in you , in your capabilities,in your intelligence,in your efforts.

-If i talk about relationships ,

You are afraid of making wrong decisions, a weird reputation, fear to live in the society from that wrong decision.You are afraid of the risk  you haven’t taken yet, right? Take it as an advice ! Lets start to take a RISK ,lets start believing in YOURSELF that your decision was right or else you can make it RIGHT.

-If i talk about people/society,

You can do anything if you believe in yourself.You can achieve your goals if you do believe in what you can- not in what people say about you.I would like to quote here:

“There will be haters,there will be doubters,

  there will be non- believers,and then there will be YOU-proving them wrong”

Always remember no body acts the way you act ,no body has the capability you have, no body thinks the way you think.Keep these factors in your mind and you will go a long way to getting along with  people.

People believe what they have heard about you from others .Don’t be dumb as they are-Be a champ and believe in yourself when no body believes in you.You cannot force people to believe in you-you can show them by your actions and efforts.They will automatically came to know that you are a CHAMP.

Everything happens in this world for a reason-you believe in failure so you came to know success, you believe in lies so you came to know to trust no one, you believe in sadness so you came to know about happiness.

I have learned so many things in which i believe and sometimes not .

Do you believe in yourself ?



A weird,unpredictable feeling or an expression says nothing but express everything.

People cannot read your silence as if they ain’t that talented,as you are.

Silence is the answer of so many  questions.Maybe the questions are stupid,maybe the time isn’t correct to answer them.Silence speaks alot rather than words.

It is a weapon for you to let them know they did wrong.Their words were wrong.It is your strength for the future when they will come to you by themselves.

Silence of the birds which no one can understand , to become the part of their silence -its necessary to stay silent when they are.

The beautiful silence of the sky.

Silence in mountains,books,animals,flowers,birds,death,life,walls-trying to say something to us but we don’t want to understand.We are continuously ignoring the words in silence which is never spoken and listened by us. You will regret what u have said but won’t regret on your silence.

The silence in your writing speaks everything -your feelings, your emotions,your imaginations,your sincerity,your pain,your illusions.

The silence in two buddies when they don’t want to say anything, what can i say ? One of the most comfortable relation.

The silence between you and the sky when you starred and want to say lots of words ?

The silence between you and roads while you are walking and travelling lone.

I would love to stay quiet but that doesn’t mean i have nothing to say ,its just that you aren’t capable to hear  my thoughts.

Waiting For The Bus


i was waiting for my bus around 10:00 at the bus stop.I came late there ,the bus just passed by me.I gave a sign to driver to stop the bus-stop the bus,he was such a big idiot and didn’t stop. Anyhow I start waiting for the next bus.Seeing the people passing by me and the way they were looking at me it was  like i’m waiting for the bus at the railway station.

The bus had arrived finally and i have picked it ASAP before it again passed by me.I left a lot of disappointed people waiting for the bus at the corner of the bus stop which will never come for them.Sometimes you have to stop yourself for waiting and wasting your time instead of walking forward and achieve your success.There is a particular limit to wait here a quote goes to :

                  Patience isn’t simply the ability to wait its how we behave while we are waiting

It is how we behave while we are waiting ,our patience,our reactions,our replies,our sincerity-everything is linking to wait.So, i was in the bus standing in so many maids or parlor-maids travelling with me.You know everything becomes equal like your behavior,color,gestures,smiling face,gossiping,your standard of living when you travel by public bus.There was no seat to sit there because of crowd and a little compartment for the female and a large compartment for male.

I was staring at people.Everyone is waiting for someone maybe for the bus stop,seeking their destiny.They all are in weird situation and in competition to get the seat first,to reach first,to do the work first.When i saw their worried faces,i was thinking to do something for them by solving their problems-i wish i could.

I got the seat , staring at the road and again thinking about the fast vehicles running on the road along my bus.Everyone is in competition to another in this world.Some of them were travelling by car, rickshaw, chinchi ( another kind of rickshaw), bike,truck.They all are going somewhere to achieve their goals not for their selves but for the family,  for the food-to survive in society.

They travel and  be like the happiest person in the world and forget their worries,sorrow and start sharing the things,seats,smiles with each other.That matters a lot for me when i see them happy in the bus .

Advice: it was a journey,we shouldn’t wait for the bus whole day.We can miss our goals.Wait -but for a while and then start walking forward to get your success.

Reached  college :p

Take care