Barking Dogs Seldom Bites

This proverb literally means there are few people who can brag just and cannot implement their gossips or words in their real life. 

There are so many people around you who thinks that you are a docile person and can handle with a single ultimatum. You have to be relaxed there,  and do not believe in them, in reality, they cannot do anything to you. These kinda people think it’s a kid’s stuff to make anyone daft. They believe in theory rather than to be practical.  Even though they are not enough erudite to make their words real. They will make cock or bull story to prevent you from doing your things and task so does not trust them and keep doing your work with your passion and hard work.

To sum up the above paragraph we can say:

“Actions matters not your words”

People can forget your words but your actions will remain forever. 

We can elaborate this proverb through this example,

When our elections held, our politicians talks a lot and do nothing after they win the elections. So, what is the benefit of your bragging man? Prove it you’re the best politician instead of wasting our time to listen to your boring speeches.

Those who are just saying they want to change the world or their country, Dear Readers, you have to change yourself  first to change your society. Please do not waste your and our time to grasp your meaningless speech. Start it now to achieve your goals by your actions silently.

So are you ready to take steps for your life and for people?



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