Kill Them With Kindness

“Kill them with kindness” is a phrase which means kill your enemies with kindness. And I know how you are kind towards your enemies, who are you fooling? Yourself ? Or people ? You are pretending to be a very nice person to them but from your mind- you hate them and of course, there is an anger, hatred, bitterness in your head.

I know, you smile in front of people you don’t like. For instance somebody in past said something wrong about you, which you didn’t expect from them but still you talk to them with a cute smile even though there is a loathing that keep knocking your mind to take your revenge the same way they did.

We can take two more examples regarding your fake kindness and one of them is; when you see a beggar around, Yes! You give them money but not because you are kind but because you want to show yourself bigger and better, there is certainly no kind-heartedness in your mind, Is there ? Again NOT.

Second example is, when you order a waiter and he brings the wrong order for you, at that time you behave like a kind person but you are not which means you are controlling your vexation(anger) towards him and if he gives you a chance to rusticate him on the behalf of restaurant owner, you will do it right on the spot in return.

You are not a kind person but yes! You pretend to be bigger and better. When you will start behaving polite to your enemies, you will see a different perspective and another side of their lives. Think for a while, why they are rude to you ? Maybe they have been violated and broken by many people which means the society and their friends of course. I must suggest you to love your opponent. Reply them back with a cute smile but that smile must come from your heart not from your egoistic mind. Don’t misconceive the meaning of this phrase everywhere if you don’t know what it means exactly.

Love your enemies,

Reply them with a smile,

Change the world.



Love is a beautiful feeling which you don’t express to anyone usually.Love has so many meanings according to different people.The world is so big and in this world you will find so many people so you cannot define love in a particular meaning.

Love can be for anyone , it can be for your family,the people you love the most,the things,the places,the wishes.

You will never lie to the person,you love the most.If you are gonna lie to them ,you face a knotty situation and to come out from that situation you have one way and that is say TRUTH to them.Your love for them is mitigate and interminable.

Your father said in his heart:I love you more than yesterday less than tomorrow

Your mother expressed:You broke my heart but i still love you my child

Your siblings:Duh,Ofcourse i love you bit :p

People love:The way they looked at you :p

Things love: You smile when you see your most loving things in front of you and start dancing :p

So the word is beautiful , the feeling is beautiful but we are making it pretty boring and not expressing in front of our loved one.Start expressing your love for your dreams,wishes,family,people.

Spread love when you don’t want to spread it especially.

I love you all,Do you ? No ?

I love you too guys

Thank you for reading 🙂

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