And She Moved On

A girl of 18 year old fell in love, Oh! I mean it was an attraction obviously being a teenager, but for her it was a love. She had never looked at any boy in her school, college, on social sites, in real life. The reason is maybe she was finding her so called Prince like in movies -a princess always needs a prince to save her, to love her. She forgot one thing that is she was innocent and didn’t know that there was no love, there was no care, there was no promise, there was only infatuation, there was lust and only lust and she didn’t know that. Great! I’m thinking to clap for her-for her foolishness anyway. I feel sorry for you GIRL once in a blue moon, you were pretty innocent.

Then, they became good friends through texting and calling etc. He never demanded for anything to her and she never expected too. Finally a day came when he proposed to her but she denied and said to him:

My studies are going on, I cannot afford any kind of relationship for now plus I’m still  teenager so my parents will not allow me for this relationship. Please wait for the right time !

He left, and after few months of her exams she came back and proposed to him, He replied:

Sorry you are too late and i’m engaged.

The moment she heard that statement, she was stunned and in a minute left the place without a reply.She messaged to him: why u did this to me ? I promised you, I will back and u said you will wait for me then why u didn’t wait for me ? WHY ? He didn’t reply, she cried a lot for the whole day and night. No body could see her inner pain which she faced because of infatuation to him and called LOVE, ha ha! She fell in depression and started chat and calls through number, social sites etc again. According to you Readers she was so despo, right ? Yes! she was. There was no one to ask from her how’s you feeling now ? There was no one from her family and friends to hug her and says: Everything will be fine relax. 

She involved completely in those activities and didn’t realize her final exams are about to come. She didn’t care so obviously she was blank in her exams and when the result came she failed. She was one of the talented, position holder girl. No one could beaten ( subdue ) her in her class because no body had guts to defeat her.

Her family and friends was blaming to her for not achieving position. There was no one to ask from her calmly why you failed ? Is there any problem ? Being a human we cannot read people mind and heart but yes we can read their faces. Again we ain’t that talented and caring to feel for people and read their faces and ofcourse we don’t have time for bullshits, right ? No body knew that she unrecovered her memory to memorize ( retain ) her lectures of class, to memorize people in her life she met and talked once.

She failed again after an year and faced same comments, reactions from so closed people. However, 3 years passed and she gave her supplementary exams. Later, result came again and she passed. Everyone from her family was happy but not that much when she used to got first position always and she felt that.

She moved on, I know it wasn’t that easy but I can feel it, it wasn’t that difficult too. She started her life again. She struggled a lot and became one of the best daughter, student, friend and the most important-she became the best human being.

She is struggling more and doing hard work to achieve her goals and her reputation in her family and friends, but she doesn’t care and feel for anyone anymore.


We should do care our close one instead of involving in weird activities. We should keep an eye on our friends and family and don’t be lazy to ask from them what is going on in their lives. For a while they feel irritation because of your questions and frankness towards them. Remember what you have to do is ASK and HUG them.


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