GPA Matters?

Sir! I have not passed matriculation but I can defeat any football team at international level. My parents told me once If you play football like you play and do not study, we will not permit you for the future to go outside and play on the streets because we want your Grades man.

Sir! I have no commands on languages but I know the business one. Does It mean I don’t know to handle the clients in my own national language of yours company? Grow up dude! You have not done a single deal with anyone yet. Look at your consignments how cheap it is. That’s what the reason people are not buying your products. Sir! I have no contact in the market but I have tried my level best to sold my products and I did it. I have to spend a small journey and I can make you sure I know the language of business.

Mam! I am good at teaching but I never got good marks. Still, I can educate your students and make them human. Listen Ms! We don’t want to make them human, we want their Grades. But I can make them human, a better-educated human for society? Give me a chance? No! We want experienced teachers. Experienced? She means those teachers who can make a fool to anyone for the sake of money and they never know how much a student dependent on those experienced teachers and expecting much.

The era has been changed. Today’s people are not sincere to their profession like the old era people were.

I know our society wants grades but forget about them.

Your GPA and experience don’t matter but your talent, confidence, sincerity, skills. For God sake stop trying to impress your family or friends from your GPA and make sure you are talented in every field of your life to defeat anyone. Stop struggling for your GPA and starts struggling to groom yourself for next level.

Did I say to stop study? Ahan Na ( No)

So are you ready to serve your country?

Ready to polish your hidden talents and others?

Ready to educate everyone around you?

Ready to give knowledge to others?

I am expecting from you one and only one answer that is YES! WE ARE READY AND WE PROVED IT!




Beauty Is In Your Innerself

Calling ugly to whom? You, yourself is ugly, do you know that? Okay fine, you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen and the ugliest heart I have ever felt around me. You know why your heart is that ugly? Because you call ugly to those who has an awesome heart which you cannot see,obviously, because of your ugliest mind and heart. Your beauty will come to end one day. There will be no charm remain on your face, a day comes soon.You will neither be fit nor be beautiful anymore but what about your inner beauty? If your heart is beautiful, no one can defeat you in the race of life as well in the end of your so-called beauty face.

Literally you cannot defeat her if you don’t have a beautiful heart but a beautiful face. Haha, you need a makeup to look beautiful, she needs a smile to look beautiful not for the society for her own self. She smiles to make her inner self more beautiful. She is beautiful because her heart is in peace. Do you have a heart? Is it in peace? No? So you aren’t beautiful anymore for her, for society, for your loved one.

Dear Readers! If you want to look good in front of anyone you have to live happily, Did I say to pretend happily? I said Be happy, instead of jealousy and competition, comparing oneself to another.

The world is in a race and you need a break, a break of peace and happiness. And you will see the consequences in the shape of your inner beauty. Stop impressing people please, live one day for yourself. Skip your makeup for a day and attend any occasion without make-up. Don’t forget, everyone cannot see your fake smile, fake kindness, and fake beauty but people can see your glowing and charming face, a face of peace and happiness.

Kill Them With Kindness

“Kill them with kindness” is a phrase which means kill your enemies with kindness. And I know how you are kind towards your enemies, who are you fooling? Yourself ? Or people ? You are pretending to be a very nice person to them but from your mind- you hate them and of course, there is an anger, hatred, bitterness in your head.

I know, you smile in front of people you don’t like. For instance somebody in past said something wrong about you, which you didn’t expect from them but still you talk to them with a cute smile even though there is a loathing that keep knocking your mind to take your revenge the same way they did.

We can take two more examples regarding your fake kindness and one of them is; when you see a beggar around, Yes! You give them money but not because you are kind but because you want to show yourself bigger and better, there is certainly no kind-heartedness in your mind, Is there ? Again NOT.

Second example is, when you order a waiter and he brings the wrong order for you, at that time you behave like a kind person but you are not which means you are controlling your vexation(anger) towards him and if he gives you a chance to rusticate him on the behalf of restaurant owner, you will do it right on the spot in return.

You are not a kind person but yes! You pretend to be bigger and better. When you will start behaving polite to your enemies, you will see a different perspective and another side of their lives. Think for a while, why they are rude to you ? Maybe they have been violated and broken by many people which means the society and their friends of course. I must suggest you to love your opponent. Reply them back with a cute smile but that smile must come from your heart not from your egoistic mind. Don’t misconceive the meaning of this phrase everywhere if you don’t know what it means exactly.

Love your enemies,

Reply them with a smile,

Change the world.


Life ..Stuck in thoughts, so many of confusions are here and there about this word. And I really don’t know how to explain it. So many of questions coming in my mind, should I say life is too beautiful? Should I say such a messy life creates always problems for us ? Should I say life is a good teacher for us and a bad student too, a good friend and a bad friend we can consider anything to complete the definition of life. It is said that,

                                 Life is the dream for the wise,  A game for the fool,

                                 A comedy for the rich,  A tragedy for the poor.

As I say always different meanings, different people, and different perceptions are there. For me life is pretty weird, maybe the reason is my comfort zone, maybe the boundaries , maybe people behavior and judgements ( acumen ) and so on.

You and me , earth and sky, soil and water, flowers and roots, birds and animals. Everyone has a life and obviously a lifestyle. We couldn’t find their way of living, the only one who knows their way of living that is God, He gives us a life as a gift according to people, but , according to you; your life is based upon problems, critical situations, awkward moments, comfort zone, restrictions, boundaries, laziness, waiting for others to motivate you, poverty stricken ( poor), sympathy, attentions from those who are better than you, in living standard, in talking style, in every competition. Yes ! That’s your life. How pessimist you are, do you know ? I guess you know well.

I know you suffered a lot in your this life and became a pessimist. I must say if there is a tough time for you so there is another easy time waiting for you, to hug you as like as tough time hugged you.

Life is too beautiful. We don’t want to know the charm of our struggle, the benefit of our struggle, the result, the happiness of our struggle. Life is a beautiful gift maybe you and I don’t know how to live it. Maybe we just know life is all about competitions, fame, power, money and much more. We all are living in an illusion. Life is much more far from these concepts, the concepts which we don’t know or should I say don’t want to know ? haha

Take all the struggles as a challenge and accept it the way it is.There is no short cut in life so be careful when you are gonna take such steps which can lead you anywhere in a wrong way. Be careful, Be bold –  to handle all your problems in a positive way. You know people you can be honest with others if you are honest with yourself first and ready to face every challenge coming up for you. Enjoy the life, the happiness and small worries coming in your way.

Perhaps my words ain’t enough to describe LIFE …YOUR LIFE.

So are you ready to face the challenges and beautiful life ? Say always YES !

Believe In Yourself

People believe in what you believe not in what you do.So many of us believe that God exist , He exist in your heart , He exist because you believe and people start believing in you and say He exist.

Believe in people they will hurt you,

 Believe in God and he will heal you”

-If i talk about business,

You don’t have need to work with those who needs what you have – your goal is to work with those who believe in you , in your capabilities,in your intelligence,in your efforts.

-If i talk about relationships ,

You are afraid of making wrong decisions, a weird reputation, fear to live in the society from that wrong decision.You are afraid of the risk  you haven’t taken yet, right? Take it as an advice ! Lets start to take a RISK ,lets start believing in YOURSELF that your decision was right or else you can make it RIGHT.

-If i talk about people/society,

You can do anything if you believe in yourself.You can achieve your goals if you do believe in what you can- not in what people say about you.I would like to quote here:

“There will be haters,there will be doubters,

  there will be non- believers,and then there will be YOU-proving them wrong”

Always remember no body acts the way you act ,no body has the capability you have, no body thinks the way you think.Keep these factors in your mind and you will go a long way to getting along with  people.

People believe what they have heard about you from others .Don’t be dumb as they are-Be a champ and believe in yourself when no body believes in you.You cannot force people to believe in you-you can show them by your actions and efforts.They will automatically came to know that you are a CHAMP.

Everything happens in this world for a reason-you believe in failure so you came to know success, you believe in lies so you came to know to trust no one, you believe in sadness so you came to know about happiness.

I have learned so many things in which i believe and sometimes not .

Do you believe in yourself ?



A weird,unpredictable feeling or an expression says nothing but express everything.

People cannot read your silence as if they ain’t that talented,as you are.

Silence is the answer of so many  questions.Maybe the questions are stupid,maybe the time isn’t correct to answer them.Silence speaks alot rather than words.

It is a weapon for you to let them know they did wrong.Their words were wrong.It is your strength for the future when they will come to you by themselves.

Silence of the birds which no one can understand , to become the part of their silence -its necessary to stay silent when they are.

The beautiful silence of the sky.

Silence in mountains,books,animals,flowers,birds,death,life,walls-trying to say something to us but we don’t want to understand.We are continuously ignoring the words in silence which is never spoken and listened by us. You will regret what u have said but won’t regret on your silence.

The silence in your writing speaks everything -your feelings, your emotions,your imaginations,your sincerity,your pain,your illusions.

The silence in two buddies when they don’t want to say anything, what can i say ? One of the most comfortable relation.

The silence between you and the sky when you starred and want to say lots of words ?

The silence between you and roads while you are walking and travelling lone.

I would love to stay quiet but that doesn’t mean i have nothing to say ,its just that you aren’t capable to hear  my thoughts.

Waiting For The Bus


i was waiting for my bus around 10:00 at the bus stop.I came late there ,the bus just passed by me.I gave a sign to driver to stop the bus-stop the bus,he was such a big idiot and didn’t stop. Anyhow I start waiting for the next bus.Seeing the people passing by me and the way they were looking at me it was  like i’m waiting for the bus at the railway station.

The bus had arrived finally and i have picked it ASAP before it again passed by me.I left a lot of disappointed people waiting for the bus at the corner of the bus stop which will never come for them.Sometimes you have to stop yourself for waiting and wasting your time instead of walking forward and achieve your success.There is a particular limit to wait here a quote goes to :

                  Patience isn’t simply the ability to wait its how we behave while we are waiting

It is how we behave while we are waiting ,our patience,our reactions,our replies,our sincerity-everything is linking to wait.So, i was in the bus standing in so many maids or parlor-maids travelling with me.You know everything becomes equal like your behavior,color,gestures,smiling face,gossiping,your standard of living when you travel by public bus.There was no seat to sit there because of crowd and a little compartment for the female and a large compartment for male.

I was staring at people.Everyone is waiting for someone maybe for the bus stop,seeking their destiny.They all are in weird situation and in competition to get the seat first,to reach first,to do the work first.When i saw their worried faces,i was thinking to do something for them by solving their problems-i wish i could.

I got the seat , staring at the road and again thinking about the fast vehicles running on the road along my bus.Everyone is in competition to another in this world.Some of them were travelling by car, rickshaw, chinchi ( another kind of rickshaw), bike,truck.They all are going somewhere to achieve their goals not for their selves but for the family,  for the food-to survive in society.

They travel and  be like the happiest person in the world and forget their worries,sorrow and start sharing the things,seats,smiles with each other.That matters a lot for me when i see them happy in the bus .

Advice: it was a journey,we shouldn’t wait for the bus whole day.We can miss our goals.Wait -but for a while and then start walking forward to get your success.

Reached  college :p

Take care

How Can We Reduce Food Wastage From MEDC ?

food wastge

We don’t know the value of food because we don’t care and if we don’t care how we realize it is hurting others who don’t have resources to get food. It is affecting our environment you know ? O yes you know, but you are ignoring it maybe you have money bank to buy any kind of food.

Your wastage food can fulfill the needs of those who are needy and starving just for the food but again WE DONT CARE – Why we don’t care ? WHY ? I know the reason,

“If the food would as expensive as Zenvo, we would polish it and look after it”

So many of food and fruits aren’t eaten just because of shape and color. A great research on human behavior shows that we avoid that food and fruits which are edible but not looks good. Isn’t it ?

 “You waste life when you waste good food”

A number of people are in chronic hunger  one of the great reason is we are wasting our water to wasted crops and that is the need of 9m people.Your food should be eaten. If you cannot eat food that much-needed, you should decide next time to prevent that wastage of food.

1) Plan

2) Buy less

3) Learn the tricks to put the food at exact place 

4) Bring old food to the front of the fridge and put the new one in back

Use your senses that are smell and sight, don’t focus on expiry dates because it can be changed from packets. Your fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be together because fruits give off a high level of ethylene. Greenhouse gases come from waste food too.

A child dies  every 5 seconds because of hunger ” Do you know? Or don’t want to know?

In the last, I would suggest you love your food, health, environment and people too.

Before you waste your food think about it.

Thank you


Does Skin Complexion Matter In Today’s Society?

Handschlag - handshake

So, the answer is clear cut..Of course it makes a difference in my society and it matters,in your society,in her society,in his society.Did you notice ever in your conversation , you guys always start to talk about people from their skin color ,Isn’t it ? It is..

Lets start with few of stories coming in my mind, i just hope you guys will accept it as a Human Behaviour.

1.Fair colour is pretty important in society in your school,college , if you are gonna take part in any competition, in any game or in any debate.Color is pretty important especially in front of teachers and judges who judge you in any debate competition or in any game..Yes yes its judges and teachers who judge you oh i mean black people ..You know what guys Black people have more talent than white but teacher won’t boost up their confidence just because they are Black ? Oh i mean Ugly…Its Teacher who ignores those Blacks ..Its Teacher who dont give a chance to Black people .

Have you ever notice when famous celebrities come into our school ,college ..Teachers select pretty faces to welcome them .Why you need pretty faces Dear Teachers ?

2.You won’t make friends to those who are Black Opsss i mean Ugly according to you ..You called them with so many nicks like Hey Mosquito ,Akon,African,Indian,Asian,Bangladeshi.Just because they are Black oh i mean they have dull colour. Suppose you have two friends and you have to choose one of the friend and its obvious you will choose the pretty one Isn’t it ? Is it.When you are gonna take selfies , a thought came into your mind that is you and he/she is not looking good with you ,you should take selfie to a pretty/handsome one girl/guy ,Dont you do this ? You do.

3.what’s parents do for their sons when they are finding proposal for their so called Handsome,Dashing,Cool son,whats the criteria for a girl to pass this pretty difficult exam ?She must be qualified .. Agree ? .. Everyone will be agree…Guys guess what ..whats the next requirement ? She should have fair colour , what they think , their son has made up of gold ?dimond ? or moon ?

its not like that i am totally against the teachers, society, those parents.What i want to clear is for God sake stop doing this .From that yo are stopping someone’s life,future and their talent which is hidden behind your criticsm and differences.

you and me need to be grow up not physically but mentally and stop criticizing dull colour people ..people are crazy here for fair complexion.

however lets come to the conclusion it happens in our society and its reality , you canna deny it ..

Remember ALLAH/God makes no difference its you , its me who makes the difference …

No one is superior in his court , its you and its me who are still trying to be superior over each other.


Think about it



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