Waiting For The Bus


i was waiting for my bus around 10:00 at the bus stop.I came late there ,the bus just passed by me.I gave a sign to driver to stop the bus-stop the bus,he was such a big idiot and didn’t stop. Anyhow I start waiting for the next bus.Seeing the people passing by me and the way they were looking at me it was  like i’m waiting for the bus at the railway station.

The bus had arrived finally and i have picked it ASAP before it again passed by me.I left a lot of disappointed people waiting for the bus at the corner of the bus stop which will never come for them.Sometimes you have to stop yourself for waiting and wasting your time instead of walking forward and achieve your success.There is a particular limit to wait here a quote goes to :

                  Patience isn’t simply the ability to wait its how we behave while we are waiting

It is how we behave while we are waiting ,our patience,our reactions,our replies,our sincerity-everything is linking to wait.So, i was in the bus standing in so many maids or parlor-maids travelling with me.You know everything becomes equal like your behavior,color,gestures,smiling face,gossiping,your standard of living when you travel by public bus.There was no seat to sit there because of crowd and a little compartment for the female and a large compartment for male.

I was staring at people.Everyone is waiting for someone maybe for the bus stop,seeking their destiny.They all are in weird situation and in competition to get the seat first,to reach first,to do the work first.When i saw their worried faces,i was thinking to do something for them by solving their problems-i wish i could.

I got the seat , staring at the road and again thinking about the fast vehicles running on the road along my bus.Everyone is in competition to another in this world.Some of them were travelling by car, rickshaw, chinchi ( another kind of rickshaw), bike,truck.They all are going somewhere to achieve their goals not for their selves but for the family,  for the food-to survive in society.

They travel and  be like the happiest person in the world and forget their worries,sorrow and start sharing the things,seats,smiles with each other.That matters a lot for me when i see them happy in the bus .

Advice: it was a journey,we shouldn’t wait for the bus whole day.We can miss our goals.Wait -but for a while and then start walking forward to get your success.

Reached  college :p

Take care


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