She Has A Voice : Meant To Be Heard


I, Emaan Asghar is telling you the story of my life which I have spent in this patriarchal society where a girl is allowed to get an education but not permitted to pursue her dreams. Where a girl has a permission to stitch the clothes of opposite genders at home but to teach them at the university level in her house just because they are boys, neglecting the fact, she is a qualified girl, equally ambitious and can teach them better than others in that same society. I won’t say these are the insecurities of parents towards their daughters because they care. Rather than these are the insecurities of every other person towards females that are someone else’s daughters, wives, sisters or female friends. Why doesn’t this happen in the case of boys just because they are considered “the lamp ( Chirag ) of their family?” What is making them so strong in this society? Nothing but “Your support people” Why they require a tag of being ‘Chirag of the family’ to gain this? Are they insecure that at some point in future, a girl with the equal qualities will topple him down?

To be continued here . . .


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