GPA Matters?

Sir! I have not passed matriculation but I can defeat any football team at international level. My parents told me once If you play football like you play and do not study, we will not permit you for the future to go outside and play on the streets because we want your Grades man.

Sir! I have no commands on languages but I know the business one. Does It mean I don’t know to handle the clients in my own national language of yours company? Grow up dude! You have not done a single deal with anyone yet. Look at your consignments how cheap it is. That’s what the reason people are not buying your products. Sir! I have no contact in the market but I have tried my level best to sold my products and I did it. I have to spend a small journey and I can make you sure I know the language of business.

Mam! I am good at teaching but I never got good marks. Still, I can educate your students and make them human. Listen Ms! We don’t want to make them human, we want their Grades. But I can make them human, a better-educated human for society? Give me a chance? No! We want experienced teachers. Experienced? She means those teachers who can make a fool to anyone for the sake of money and they never know how much a student dependent on those experienced teachers and expecting much.

The era has been changed. Today’s people are not sincere to their profession like the old era people were.

I know our society wants grades but forget about them.

Your GPA and experience don’t matter but your talent, confidence, sincerity, skills. For God sake stop trying to impress your family or friends from your GPA and make sure you are talented in every field of your life to defeat anyone. Stop struggling for your GPA and starts struggling to groom yourself for next level.

Did I say to stop study? Ahan Na ( No)

So are you ready to serve your country?

Ready to polish your hidden talents and others?

Ready to educate everyone around you?

Ready to give knowledge to others?

I am expecting from you one and only one answer that is YES! WE ARE READY AND WE PROVED IT!




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