We Need A Change

We need a change, a change in our society, a change in the world, a change in our behavior, a change in our government, a change in law, a change in our ethics, a change in our actions, a change in our mentality, a change in our gathering so many things are here and there to change, the list goes on.

We want so many changes but don’t want to change our lives first, and our lives come from HOME and our PREFERENCES, the question arises here, How? And the answer is, I really don’t want to tell you people just because I want you to think about it by yourself for a while?

Example 1: You love to wear your old clothes just because of your preferences or what can I say? You feel comfortable, when you prefer your old clothes you are just ignoring your new one clothes and that is TOTALLY wastage of your money – what is the reason of your bad economy? Oh yes! Economy starts from your house, from your small budgets, from your demands, supplies, your preferences. A total wastage of money and new clothes are literally destroying the economy.

You know what people, the money you are wasting because of your preferences can utilize on needy people.

Example 2: A bridal is wasting her money just for the one night or to want looks beautiful? Babe, you are already beautiful. What is the need to use the fake stuff for a day? Seriously for a day? Where are your speeches which you have done on stage to bring the change in society? Trying to bring a change from your make-up face and wasting money instead of spending it on the rights things, on the right people like a poor one?

Example 3: Government is giving you so many funds. Has the fund reached to the institutions? Organizations? Patients? Labors? General Public? Or the people have eaten  the money? Such a corrupted people exist in our society and make speeches/ promises in front of the everyone to bring a so-called change by themselves, Wow!

We, youth can bring a change,  believe me. Do the social work with your honest intentions. If you have NGO please pay attention towards the needy people and the fund giving by the general public to you just take care of their selves and make sure you are providing the stuff related to their basics needs that is , education, food, shelter and sports. And yes sports is the basic need too. When children/youth play physical games they will involve more in currcular activities and social activities as well.

If you want to bring a change start from yourself first from your home. Change the mentality of the people around you not just by your words but by actions. I know in the start you will face difficulties but at the end, you will win trust me and trust on your inner talents which are hidden from the society and from your home.

Raise your voice against corrupt people whether in your house or around. Raise it otherwise it will be too late.


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