Beauty Is In Your Innerself

Calling ugly to whom? You, yourself is ugly, do you know that? Okay fine, you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen and the ugliest heart I have ever felt around me. You know why your heart is that ugly? Because you call ugly to those who has an awesome heart which you cannot see,obviously, because of your ugliest mind and heart. Your beauty will come to end one day. There will be no charm remain on your face, a day comes soon.You will neither be fit nor be beautiful anymore but what about your inner beauty? If your heart is beautiful, no one can defeat you in the race of life as well in the end of your so-called beauty face.

Literally you cannot defeat her if you don’t have a beautiful heart but a beautiful face. Haha, you need a makeup to look beautiful, she needs a smile to look beautiful not for the society for her own self. She smiles to make her inner self more beautiful. She is beautiful because her heart is in peace. Do you have a heart? Is it in peace? No? So you aren’t beautiful anymore for her, for society, for your loved one.

Dear Readers! If you want to look good in front of anyone you have to live happily, Did I say to pretend happily? I said Be happy, instead of jealousy and competition, comparing oneself to another.

The world is in a race and you need a break, a break of peace and happiness. And you will see the consequences in the shape of your inner beauty. Stop impressing people please, live one day for yourself. Skip your makeup for a day and attend any occasion without make-up. Don’t forget, everyone cannot see your fake smile, fake kindness, and fake beauty but people can see your glowing and charming face, a face of peace and happiness.


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