Believe In Yourself

People believe in what you believe not in what you do.So many of us believe that God exist , He exist in your heart , He exist because you believe and people start believing in you and say He exist.

Believe in people they will hurt you,

 Believe in God and he will heal you”

-If i talk about business,

You don’t have need to work with those who needs what you have – your goal is to work with those who believe in you , in your capabilities,in your intelligence,in your efforts.

-If i talk about relationships ,

You are afraid of making wrong decisions, a weird reputation, fear to live in the society from that wrong decision.You are afraid of the risk  you haven’t taken yet, right? Take it as an advice ! Lets start to take a RISK ,lets start believing in YOURSELF that your decision was right or else you can make it RIGHT.

-If i talk about people/society,

You can do anything if you believe in yourself.You can achieve your goals if you do believe in what you can- not in what people say about you.I would like to quote here:

“There will be haters,there will be doubters,

  there will be non- believers,and then there will be YOU-proving them wrong”

Always remember no body acts the way you act ,no body has the capability you have, no body thinks the way you think.Keep these factors in your mind and you will go a long way to getting along with  people.

People believe what they have heard about you from others .Don’t be dumb as they are-Be a champ and believe in yourself when no body believes in you.You cannot force people to believe in you-you can show them by your actions and efforts.They will automatically came to know that you are a CHAMP.

Everything happens in this world for a reason-you believe in failure so you came to know success, you believe in lies so you came to know to trust no one, you believe in sadness so you came to know about happiness.

I have learned so many things in which i believe and sometimes not .

Do you believe in yourself ?



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