A weird,unpredictable feeling or an expression says nothing but express everything.

People cannot read your silence as if they ain’t that talented,as you are.

Silence is the answer of so many  questions.Maybe the questions are stupid,maybe the time isn’t correct to answer them.Silence speaks alot rather than words.

It is a weapon for you to let them know they did wrong.Their words were wrong.It is your strength for the future when they will come to you by themselves.

Silence of the birds which no one can understand , to become the part of their silence -its necessary to stay silent when they are.

The beautiful silence of the sky.

Silence in mountains,books,animals,flowers,birds,death,life,walls-trying to say something to us but we don’t want to understand.We are continuously ignoring the words in silence which is never spoken and listened by us. You will regret what u have said but won’t regret on your silence.

The silence in your writing speaks everything -your feelings, your emotions,your imaginations,your sincerity,your pain,your illusions.

The silence in two buddies when they don’t want to say anything, what can i say ? One of the most comfortable relation.

The silence between you and the sky when you starred and want to say lots of words ?

The silence between you and roads while you are walking and travelling lone.

I would love to stay quiet but that doesn’t mean i have nothing to say ,its just that you aren’t capable to hear  my thoughts.


10 thoughts on “Silence

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  1. Silence is thing that never expect that it’s meant to all people😕 It’s only understood by who relates to it and matured people 🙄
    Immature people never understand or feels the meaning of silence.


  2. Impressive!
    I would suggest you to review the 7C’s principles and barriers of communication which might ease to understand the reason and may also gives better solution as this is the fact that no two people perceive things alike and it is not always that easy to create an understanding in the mind of another.

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