When Light Comes From WiFi

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I was just sitting all alone and was thinking about the light comes from WiFi. I know you will like, Oh !she is so free to think about WiFi light seriously ? So,yeah i’m pretty free to think about light rather than you.And its not me just who thinks about it.Everyone is thinking about WiFi light right now :p .

Have you ever noticed your WiFi light always there for you ?  Isn’t strange that light loves you alot more than anything  ?

WiFi light connects you to many people .It seems to me you are in love with WiFi light .Relax i’m not gonna off your light.Have you ever noticed your faith towards WiFi which connects you to your loved one people,topics.stories,videos ?

                                                      Hope sustains the world 

Which means you are in hope always but you never know where it will lead you.Your hope can lead you to reach your destiny and your doubts on this light can lead you to destroy your own life.

Usually you become hamfisted  and destitude  because of this light .You shouldn’t become pevish when you are doing any sort of work through this light.

Most of us are facing one of the situation that is Agrophobia which means the fear of open spaces.The things and words which you canna do or say in your real life ,in open spaces-You start sharing ,watching those things through this light.

Make your life like a gregarious person.Don’t make yourself inhibited and diffident.Why you want to live you life like a quixotic person ? Com’on boys and girls start expressing your words ,feelings,actions ,dreams not through from this light ,through your real inner light which is coming from your heart and hopes that’s what exactly i’m doing nowadays to be honest.

Give light to people ,they will find their way

In the end i would suggest you don’t depend on this light always,be practical and hope for the best whatever you will face or facing right now in your life because of different lights and connections you cant STOP-Start living your life again by being practical.Your life and your hopes in a practical way is like a gold –And a golden key can open all the doors.

Thankyou 🙂


41 thoughts on “When Light Comes From WiFi

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  1. You’re right, it’s not good to rely on Wi-Fi and people should definitely be getting out and enjoying life in real time, rather than over the Internet.

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  2. Yeah, but WiFi also brings you together and I will always argue in favor of that (well, not the WiFi but the internet). Think about your life before the internet and your life with internet. How many good things happened because of internet and how many people got reunited with each other because of the internet, how many situations were saved because of the internet and how many people have been saved from death because of the internet.

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  3. Internet addict people. Too many things to read about on the internet, lessons to take, people to teach, friends to talk to. But you are right, we should definitely be more careful with it. I spend my time fantasizing about all of these things I mentioned before, since I don’t have much time to spend online. And when I do, I got all in. XD It’s mostly when I talk to friends or watch stuff.

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  4. Ehhh that’s pretty good. But those who are far, internet or WiFi is the best option to connect with. Otherwiseeee you really give me lessons to explore myself once again andddd express myself haha :*

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  5. Internet and wifi help us to say what we are afraid to say through blogging and social media. These also help us to stay connected with our loved ones who are apart from us. We can still be genuine with our feelings towards others through these. But I should agree with you, nothing beats reaching out other people when you do it personally rather than showing off in social media.


  6. Ok, maybe I am dense, but I am not even sure what “WiFi Light” even means. I suppose you are referring to the way so many people seem to ALWAYS be on their phones. I can tell you without a doubt, that ISN’T me! I can’t even get internet on my “dumb phone”. lol My cell phone is making calls and maybe sending a text sometimes. I’m old fashioned. I like to actually BE with people when I talk to them, not just look at a screen or keyboard. Nice post.

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  7. I like to stick to a firm rule of only 1 hour of internet a day. I live in too beautiful of a location to not enjoy most of the time out of doors.

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  8. This is so inspiring and very true. As I have become older, I have started to be more comfortable sharing my opinion and opening up to those around me. Hope is such an important aspect of one’s everyday life. Hope for tomorrow, hope for the future, hope for happiness can make all the difference 🙂


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