How Can We Reduce Food Wastage From MEDC ?

food wastge

We don’t know the value of food because we don’t care and if we don’t care how we realize it is hurting others who don’t have resources to get food. It is affecting our environment you know ? O yes you know, but you are ignoring it maybe you have money bank to buy any kind of food.

Your wastage food can fulfill the needs of those who are needy and starving just for the food but again WE DONT CARE – Why we don’t care ? WHY ? I know the reason,

“If the food would as expensive as Zenvo, we would polish it and look after it”

So many of food and fruits aren’t eaten just because of shape and color. A great research on human behavior shows that we avoid that food and fruits which are edible but not looks good. Isn’t it ?

 “You waste life when you waste good food”

A number of people are in chronic hunger  one of the great reason is we are wasting our water to wasted crops and that is the need of 9m people.Your food should be eaten. If you cannot eat food that much-needed, you should decide next time to prevent that wastage of food.

1) Plan

2) Buy less

3) Learn the tricks to put the food at exact place 

4) Bring old food to the front of the fridge and put the new one in back

Use your senses that are smell and sight, don’t focus on expiry dates because it can be changed from packets. Your fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be together because fruits give off a high level of ethylene. Greenhouse gases come from waste food too.

A child dies  every 5 seconds because of hunger ” Do you know? Or don’t want to know?

In the last, I would suggest you love your food, health, environment and people too.

Before you waste your food think about it.

Thank you



4 thoughts on “How Can We Reduce Food Wastage From MEDC ?

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  1. Oh that’s true, I have never thought in that way, sometimes we don’t notice we are wasting food 🍲, and how important can be it, we need to spend a little bit of time thinking about children that don’t have nothing to eat, very interesting post Tania, thanks, really we need to change the way we are living… To help people especially children 🚸


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