Does Skin Complexion Matter In Today’s Society?

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So, the answer is clear cut..Of course it makes a difference in my society and it matters,in your society,in her society,in his society.Did you notice ever in your conversation , you guys always start to talk about people from their skin color ,Isn’t it ? It is..

Lets start with few of stories coming in my mind, i just hope you guys will accept it as a Human Behaviour.

1.Fair colour is pretty important in society in your school,college , if you are gonna take part in any competition, in any game or in any debate.Color is pretty important especially in front of teachers and judges who judge you in any debate competition or in any game..Yes yes its judges and teachers who judge you oh i mean black people ..You know what guys Black people have more talent than white but teacher won’t boost up their confidence just because they are Black ? Oh i mean Ugly…Its Teacher who ignores those Blacks ..Its Teacher who dont give a chance to Black people .

Have you ever notice when famous celebrities come into our school ,college ..Teachers select pretty faces to welcome them .Why you need pretty faces Dear Teachers ?

2.You won’t make friends to those who are Black Opsss i mean Ugly according to you ..You called them with so many nicks like Hey Mosquito ,Akon,African,Indian,Asian,Bangladeshi.Just because they are Black oh i mean they have dull colour. Suppose you have two friends and you have to choose one of the friend and its obvious you will choose the pretty one Isn’t it ? Is it.When you are gonna take selfies , a thought came into your mind that is you and he/she is not looking good with you ,you should take selfie to a pretty/handsome one girl/guy ,Dont you do this ? You do.

3.what’s parents do for their sons when they are finding proposal for their so called Handsome,Dashing,Cool son,whats the criteria for a girl to pass this pretty difficult exam ?She must be qualified .. Agree ? .. Everyone will be agree…Guys guess what ..whats the next requirement ? She should have fair colour , what they think , their son has made up of gold ?dimond ? or moon ?

its not like that i am totally against the teachers, society, those parents.What i want to clear is for God sake stop doing this .From that yo are stopping someone’s life,future and their talent which is hidden behind your criticsm and differences.

you and me need to be grow up not physically but mentally and stop criticizing dull colour people ..people are crazy here for fair complexion.

however lets come to the conclusion it happens in our society and its reality , you canna deny it ..

Remember ALLAH/God makes no difference its you , its me who makes the difference …

No one is superior in his court , its you and its me who are still trying to be superior over each other.


Think about it




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