What Do You Think About Me?

Hello everyone!

I am going to share my views on the topic, what do you think about me? I would love to start from a short story and I hope that you will criticize on it if you disagree with me.

You met me on a social site, you were a stranger to me, you messaged me daily but I didn’t reply. I used to hate to reply to strangers. And a day came my mood was better and I replied very harshly and rudely. You always talked to me in a very sweet way. We became friends, I mean social friends, still I didn’t trust you so much as to add you in my real friendship list. However, you started to send me voice messages but I ignored them. Later, I started to, in fact very soon, call you at night. You made me laughed like I have never laughed. I was thinking about what the relation between you and me was? Do you ever think why we became social friends? As you are aware that social friendship affairs arise in opposite genders, right? Yes, you are aware of that. The way you talked to me it was nice, it was funny. I cannot forget that night. The way you talked to me, your heart and mind was completely pure and I felt that. Your intentions were not wrong and I knew that.

The point is to demonstrate the relations between opposite genders. You, me and others can easily judge two people when they are talking, laughing, sitting or helping each other. The way you people think about opposite genders is totally wrong. I mean it isn’t necessary that the two persons have any kind of bad relationship. There are so many relationships in this world you neither give a good name to them nor bad, because you don’t know exactly what kind of relationship they have, right? But, you give them different titles, oh my god! they are in a relationship. Why he/she added her/him in a friend list? Why are they laughing together? Why are they helping each other? Something is fishy. You pass those comments, right? These relationships are 100% right according to me. He/she maybe think good about each other something, maybe they are the best friends. They are the best strangers who were just trying to make each other laugh, help each other. They never thought something negative about each other then who the hell are you? Who are you? that’s right, you live in a society but they never gave you any right to criticize on their character, on others’ characters. Think about it. Thank you for wasting your precious time here.


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    1. I’ve ever done it before. That was completely strange at the beginning. But day by day we contacted, even though our zone time is so much different but we tried not to lose one day for contact each other and let us know about each. And yeah we made a good relationship afterwards. We can say social relationship. But not for a long time. For me it was amazing to have someone that could give you a courage thru social site and fortunately he was my social boyfriend. But that’s pretty fun I think

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      1. and they were teenagers who didn’t get attention by their parents and fell in depression.they didn’t control on their mind and heart.they had to but they hadn’t .That was not the fun, they were searching love from strangers instead of family .the family was pretty strict towards them.However they didn’t know how to control on mind and heart and their own self ,but those who are aware to control the heart and mind they are still strangers friends and best friends and will remain the same .

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    2. Dear I am respecting thy view of point u r for yourself cause it is habit of people that they can not see their mistake they can call harm on Halal it reason it that they love to sin thy used to that Haram but dear fact is fact that boys and girls relationship without Nekah it is harm if u want or do not want it is something that Allah says And we should obey it .
      If u have not trust on me so u can ask from someone else .in someone u have trust


      1. who are you to judge others ? no, to be frank and to be honest who are you ? No one… right ? maybe the opposite genders are siblings ? and they didn’t share that relationship with anyone , then how can you judge without knowing the exact relation on the basis of chat,gossips,comments, laugh ,help ? this social site , i don’t think people are using for the right purpose as far as i know .. don’t you talk to opposite genders ? come on you are kidding


  1. I so agree with you…ppl around us are always ready to judge you..label you..when in reality they dont even know you too well…good effort…keep it up😊


  2. I have passed an era donig such things. I don’t really care what people say about us, what they feel and think.
    But in many cases i encountered that either of the social friends fall for each other and at that time we get hurt.
    I don’t think helping someone, being nice and cooperative is a bad thing but what i fear most is “love”.

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  3. Nice work tania ,
    But you have to keep in mind various factors in a society , obviously we cannot live our lives according to the society, but these boundaries are set for a reasons , reasons which are right now oblivious to you but as you mature you’ll understand how we need to find a balance between our own perception and society boundaries

    All in all , good writing , nice perceptive blog
    looking forward for more , good going

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    1. thank you , well i was expecting from you boundries , society , our own perception :p ,plus i am not saying to cross our boundries or go against the society or i am imposing my perception , the point is which i am trying to say people who are pretending to be so good but from the heart and mind, they aint and they know that . Dont they have conscience ? who stop them to passing comments or judging others in a wrong perception instead of a good judging ? one thing i am noticing in our society people judge others in a negative way but the way they are living and judging others what they think they are doing something good ? un-necessary judgements , unethical behaviour .May Allah bless the.Thankyou again looking forward


  4. In your own vicinity, i guess you are right, people have the right to think the way they want. Actually nothing is wrong or right, it depends how you think about something, what if those two persons sitting are cousins or brother and sister, People mostly take it the wrong way but the fact is that its a natural phenomenon that opposite genders are attracted to eachother and if you like someone or love someone, its not wrong until you have crossed the limits. Moreover different religions have different point of view, to muslims its wrong for a boy and a girl to have a relation, you can like someone or love someone in islam but islam shows a proper way, a way on which only those walk who truly accept it If you are from some other religion its different, but even here you see, it matters what you believe in or what you think is right. And you didnt waste my time, it was a good experience indeed and i think you are a good and simple person.

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    1. Islam never give authority or right to anyone to criticize on anyone character on the basis of as i explained above help ,care, laughing with each other , he/ she might be a sister brother , a poor/ a rich ( who is trying to help an individual poor person and make him/her comfortable ). I didn’t say those people who are crossing their limits they are doing something right according to them , according to Islam of-course its wrong .The purpose to write this blog is WHY we think about others in negative way , Why so ? Is it necessary ? No . If people want to bring change in society , their bad acts , they have to start by their selves and have to think in a positive way . Well it was my first blog i am looking forward to do my best 🙂 Thankyou


  5. Hello 🙂 really enjoy your post. Honesty, We tend to search more in a friendship that would hoping turn into extra special. Honestly, We need most of the times is to kick it with friends in the interest or in person. Anyway, found you on the blogger United group on FB. I’m also a fellow blogger on wordpress.

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  6. Hello 🙂 really enjoy your post. Honesty, We tend to search more in a friendship that would hoping turn into extra special. Honestly, We need most of the times is to kick it with friends in the interest or in person. Anyway, found you on the blogger United group on FB. I’m also a fellow blogger on wordpress.

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  7. In my opinion it’s simply about the motive of our heart that define how a friendship goes. Friends will stay friends (doesn’t really matter the gender between these friends) as long as the motive of heart stick for a firendship, but everything is possible even a friendship, could turn bad or, become love affair. Anyway, very thoughtful post you have here.


  8. This is all true! Actually i have a social friend. She is girl & our relationship can not be define by any other. Our conversation is like out of world for any other. Then why some people force us to give that realtionship a name. People should let them go without commenting.


  9. It is all true! I have a social friend & our relationship can not be define by any other. We like each other, we are friends, we talk for hours, so what. Why people have to give a name to any relationship of two individuals.


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